Navajo Community Health representative

Established in 1968, the CHR and Outreach Program’s goal is to improve the general health status of the Navajo people through direct home health care, community health care and health education in coordination with tribal and IHS programs. The program serves approximately 210,000 Navajo individuals both on and around Navajo Nation. The Outreach program continues to provide related services to control sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis on the Navajo Nation and surrounding areas. 

Mission Statement: To provide quality outreach health care services and health promotion/disease prevention services to American Indians and Alaska Natives within their communities through the use of well-trained CHR's as mandated by Section 107 of P.L. 100-713, dated November 23, 1988.




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CHR Service Units - Offices

Across From Gallup Medical Indian Center
Phone No: 505-722-1528

Across From Crownpoint Medical Center
Phone No: 505-786-2281

Across from Fort Defiance Field House and Gymnasium
Phone No: 928-729-4014

Across From Shiprock Hospital
Phone No: 505-368-1080

Behind Chinle Hospital
Phone No: 928-674-2282

Across from Dilkon Chapter House
Phone No: 928-657-8011

Modular Office next to Navajo Area Aging Agency
Phone No: 928-283-3217