Navajo Department of Health

The Navajo Department of Health is committed to the health and well-bring of the Navajo People. The Department has 14 separate programs funded by various agencies.

With headquarters in Window Rock, the Navajo Department of Health serves approximately 300,000 members of Navajo Nation, the largest tribe in the United States. Covering an area of over 27,000 square miles, the Department of Health delivers a variety of health services in the areas of nutrition, aging, substance abuse, outreach, and emergency medical services, working in close partnership with state, federal, and local partners. Learn more by clicking on any of the Department’s programs to the right. Late-breaking information on health topics is given below, and updated regularly.


Genetic Research Forums
Set for the follow dates
• September 11th at St. Michaels Chapter House
• September 15th at Chinle Chapter House
• September 18th at Shiprock Chapter House
• September 25th at Tuba City Chapter House

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